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Черногория - Италия - Греция

20 дней / 555.1 NM

10 мая 2008 - 30 мая 2008

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Владимир Бабенков


Скиф (Bavaria 42)

Частная яхта

Маршрут путешествия

Начало путешествия : Герцог Нови

Выход в море

Герцог Нови

Городская марина Герцог Нови

День 1 : Molo San Nicola Marina

Переход: 111.3 NM

Molo San Nicola Marina

The Old Port, located south-east of the old town is enclosed between the pier and the pier S. Antonio S. Nicola. The port is subject to silting and subjected to regular dredging. Off the waterfront Nazario Sauro, about 200 m from the shore and for a distance of 1,200 m, starting from the roundabout towards ESE, we find seven breakwaters each of which is 110 m long. Another cliff of 180 m is positioned to defend the old port on the line joining the green light of the pier S. Antonio with the western end…

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Route place picture
Route place picture
Route place picture

День 2 : Guvia Marina

Переход: 195.5 NM

Guvia Marina

Описание стоянки пока остутсвует, но скоро обязательно будет добавлено...

Route place picture
Route place picture

День 3 : Corinth Harbour

Переход: 212.4 NM

Corinth Harbour

The marina in Greece in the city of Corinth has a complete range of services available to its customers, which include water and electricity.. It is a marina with moderate capacity for medium size boats, taking into account the number and size of its moorings (max. length: 20.00 – max. draught: 4.50).. The marina can also provide its customers nautical services which may be of use. To facilitate the mooring process, the personnel at the port is there to assist you with anything you may need.

In line…

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Route place picture

День 4 : Zea Marina

Переход: 36.0 NM

Zea Marina

Located in Attica, Greece, Zea Marina belongs to the prestigious group of Medmarinas. Fully renovated in 2004, for the Olympic Games, it has 670 berths for boats up to 80 meters, distributed between fixed and floating pontoons. This marina doesn´t have dock area, but boaters can access various technical services such as engine repairs, carpentry, sail repair, bilge suction, waste collection, among others. It also has water, electricity and wi fi at moorings.

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Route place picture
Route place picture
Route place picture
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